Pictures of Real Robots - The most famous pictures of robots

Robots will be able to clean our houses and prepare food, but they will be able to alert the above mentioned group of people (should we agree to this) if we don't answer our phones. Our remote 'caregiver team' will be able to interact with the robots and give them directions, such as reading our vital signs and reporting them back to the caregiver.

Pictures of real robots are avaiable all over the internet... they do all kinds of functions, from moowing the grass to control your whole house, they are able to take a life of their own already, dno't let the media fool you.

This sounds positive in many ways, because elders will be able to live independently longer and be safe. Many seniors are 'borderline safe' or unsafe nowadays living alone; my mom was borderline before she went into care.

Will the robotized computer cameras be able to watch us in our beds and in the bathroom? (the pic shown on the news showed a visual of a man lying on the floor).

Like I said real robots are right now working full time to satisfy the richest companies, and it will still take long years until they are trought with them and commercialise them to the general public. Just get some pictures of real robots to get a better idea of how they are like... because those things are not pretty, they are made do be working machines.

I guess the kinks will have to be worked out on this as time goes on. Let me know what you think and share with us all what you know about this please.